About Us

Cait Maddan, Founder

Cait was fortunate to not lose any immediate friends or family until her late twenties, when within three months of one another a dear friend and her maternal grandfather passed away. These deaths propelled Caitlin into thoughts of her own mortality, and an awareness of overwhelming fear of her own death.  The fears specifically related to being a mother of young children.  Through lots of research on death and dying, and studying many different religions from Buddhism to Catholicism, right on to Wicca, Cait realized that death was an important connection amongst us all, something that every human being will experience. Moreover, rather than feel fear of it, maybe try to find comfort in it.  American culture isn't overly comfortable with the idea of death, and yet we are closer to it than birth.  Cait looks positively at the parallels between birth and death saying, "Each individual has an entrance story, and each individual will have an exit story".  Cait wants to encourage death positive awareness, and help any human facing major fears around the idea of death.